I’m Jane, and I’m blogging about my experience of Macular Dystrophy and the challenge I am undertaking this year to raise funds for the Macular society.

In the summer of 2012, I was on holiday with my family, feet up, relaxing, reading a book. I kept getting a smudge on the left lense of my sunglasses. it was really irritating and whatever I did I couldn’t seem to clear it and the left hand page was difficult to read. It took a while, but I eventually realised there was nothing on my glasses – the smudge was in my eye itself.

The fear that whelmed up inside me was palpable. I kept closing each eye to test my vision and hoped that I simply had an eyelash or bit of dust in my eye. The smudge remained.

This blog will give you the background to my diagnosis, the prognosis and adaptations I have to make as a result of my condition.

I will also share tips from the Macular Society for good eye health as well as keeping you up to date on both my training and the 20 Walks too. I hope you find it interesting, informative and, at times, entertaining!

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